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The Archer is our favorite chess set because of the bag. The Archer bag is a twist on a quiver which holds an archer's arrows as he hunts for wild game. With the game of chess no less a challenge, this set has everything you'll need to set out and seize your prey!

This set comes with a knight black Archer Bag plus a matching 20 inch x 20 inch Vinyl Chessboard. Also included is a set of plastic Staunton Chess Pieces, meant to withstand the toughest abuse. With the handy strap on the Archer Bag, you can throw this set over your shoulder and you're ready to go. Good hunting!


This set includes:


  • A nylon canvas Archer Chess Bag
  • 32 Staunton Chess Pieces with extra Queens (3¾ inch King)
  • 20 in. x 20 in. vinyl Chessboard with 2¼ in. squares

The Archer | Knight

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