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Our vision is to deliver the benefits of chess to every school, every student, everyday. We believe all students (K-12) can benefit from learning the basic rules of the game. Our goal is for every student to leave our class inspired and motivated to engage in healthy competition with teachers, coaches, classmates, friends and family. Our curriculum highlights the academic and social benefits of chess through engaging lessons, exercises, challenges, puzzles, practice and play.

Train of Thought features a variety of program options for school leaders to choose from. You may choose to incorporate any combination of our programs by purchasing a block of hours and then assigning them to programs that best suit the needs of your students and staff. No matter the size of your budget ($5,000 or $50,000) our goal is to help you create a plan that will produce the highest impact at the lowest cost. Let's collaborate to set up a schedule that works best for your campus. 

Before School and Lunch

We teach kids how to play in 15 minutes. It's that simple! Chess play activates critical thought and reasoning in students before the sound of the first bell! Our Before School and Lunch program provides a unique opportunity for early morning and afternoon enrichment. Just as students participate in after-school enrichment while waiting to be picked up; some students arrive as early as 6:50am waiting for instruction to begin with nothing to do. Chess is the perfect activity to prepare students for the start of the school day.

After School

After School usually meets 1-3 times a week for 1-2 hours each day. Train of Thought provides a safe, social environment that is ideal for students to learn, practice and play chess.


Schools may choose weekly In-School instruction to offer students chess as an elective or for enrichment. This course covers basic chess rules and planning, strategic thinking and tactics. Classes typically meet 1 or 2 days per week for a semester or school year.

Chess Intervention Program (CHIP)

Chess Intervention Program was designed specifically for students as an alternative to various disciplinary actions including suspension or expulsion. Although most schools have sanctioned programs for addressing behavioral issues, we provide mentorship through the game of chess to address broad and acute areas of concern: Excessive Talking, Distracting Others, Negative Attitude, Disrespect, Frequent Office Referrals, Detentions, Verbal or Physical Aggression towards Peers or Adults. Through chess we help students examine their thought process, see the consequences of their choices and  improve their decision-making on and off the board.


We bring the competitive chess tournament experience to your campus. This service includes: event coordination, flyers, tournament directors, set up, break down, chessboards, pieces, clocks, registration, lunch for all participants, trophies, medals and prizes.